Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue Release - Investment €100 Please contact for booking.
Good successes with MSTR® are reported with hypertrophic scars, keloid scars, acne scars, atrophic scars.  
There are additional applications for MSTR® – it’s not just for visible scars.
 Improvements have been noted in presentations such as:
  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Restrictions in shoulder movement

  • Sports injuries such as quadriceps and hamstring tears

  • Axillary Web Syndrome (AWS)

  • Dupuytren's Contracture

  • Peyronie's Disease

  • Underlying fibrous tissue from past injuries where the skin wasn't punctured

  • Any areas of dense, fibrous tissue

Researchers Karel Lewit MD and Sarka Olsanska in their published paper entitled: Clinical Importance of Active Scars: Abnormal Scars as a Cause of Myofascial Pain
concluded that...
'The treatment of active scars can be of importance in a great number of cases; untreated, active scars are an important cause of therapeutic failure. Treatment also widens the scope of manipulative therapy'.

Frequency Healing/Personal Mentoring One to One - Investment €100/60 mins.  Please contact for booking.

Sessions 60 mins: Are you sick of wanting to leap forwards, but not being able to? 
Would you prefer to move away from anxiety, stress, fear and lack of direction, and forwards into an authentic, expressive, abundant and healthy life that that energises and excites you?  
Are you living your best, abundant, joyful, happy and fulfilling life? No?
Would you prefer to live the very best version of yourself?
Cynthia has acquired an abundance of therapeutic healing tools and techniques, including intuitive energy readings, muscle testing (derived from applied kinesiology) and releasing limiting negative belief systems, thought patterns or behaviours that are preventing you from achieving your desired goals.  

She will work with you to shift any stuck energy and limiting belief systems replacing them with positive empowering beliefs that support you in manifesting your desires and totally transforming your life.
It is possible move away from illness, limitation, anxiety, stress, fear and lack of direction, and forwards into an authentic, expressive, abundant and healthy life that that energises and excites you! 

You will discuss with Cynthia what you hope to achieve in your session and she will help you to identify limiting patterns, beliefs and energies that are preventing you from achieving your desired result.  
Once you release the limiting beliefs, behaviours, trauma that have been blocking you from growth, you will be in a much better position to co-create with your highest self your desires and live a life more aligned and co-creating with your highest self.
Would you like to be able to stand in the fullness of your Empowered Sovereignty and Creative Power. Would you prefer to flow easily and effortlessly with life on an abundant, happy, joyful, blissful and prosperous Path?
If so.........Let's get together and empower you to create your New Reality!
I can support you during the REAL transformation of your life.
No lies, no gimmicks, no shortcuts, no false promises just TRUTH!

A Day with me! Personal Mentoring One to One - Investment €1,000 Please contact for booking.

Life hasn't panning out as you thought it would.
You did have plans and aspirations at one point, but you've become so entrenched in everyday life that you'd forgotten about them or have struggles to realised them. You're starting to realise for just how long life has been 'ok', and 'ok' has been ok...but not for much longer.
Change is needed........But what would that even look like?
How could you even begin.......
Are you ready to commit to making a quantum leap?

Are you prepared to open your life to authentic intensive transformation in ONE DAY?
Emotional and Physical Well-being
Eliminate worries, stress and anxiety
Balance your weight, Improve Energy levels, Develop healthy habits
People and Relationships
Increase emotional intimacy,Learn effective communication, Realise the true meaning behind relationships.
Cultivate support networks
Personal growth
Improve self-esteem and confidence, Add more play, adventure, creativity to life.
I commit to empowering my clients in moving forward through the release of their limitations so they can create their best life.

Realise your true potential!


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