ICU Academy

In thanks and gratitude to Nicola Farmer, 
who is the founder, trainer and teacher of this pioneering heart based work. 
This work assists children in their development during very precious years of their lives. It is beautiful and powerful and enables children to grow and blossom in many areas of their lives.


ICU Academy was set to up to assist children to become the best version of themselves, align them with their future and offer them a start in life that many generations before them didn’t have the opportunity to experience.

ICU Academy One to One Sessions Investment €30/40/50 60 mins.  Please contact for booking. 

The ICU Programme assists children to;

Release limiting beliefs and traumas.

Increases confidence, self-esteem, self-respect and respect for others

Expand their minds.

Reach educational and personal potential.

Develop their natural gifts.

Understand universal human values. 

The ICU Programme;

Expands the children’s consciousness and raises their vibration.

Improves memory and concentration and increases attention span.

Strengthens their resilience, awakens and/or improves their intuition.

Awakens skills they didn’t know they had and activates their ability to see, read and play without their physical eyes. 

Who, How, Where & When

Children attend a between 10 & 12 sessions, weekly during term time or every other day during school holidays.

Children are taught 1:1 and can only be taught in pairs and groups when their level of competency is established.

This is available for children between the ages of 5 & 12, who can read and know colours and shapes, depending on their abilities and maturity.