Success with Cranial Sacral Therapy.

One of the horse trainers who attends my clinic had significant relief from a bad fall recently.

This gentleman was galloping the race horse on the gallops at full pelt. The usual daily training! And suddenly the horse decided it wanted to come to a complete stop which it did it slammed on the brakes and stopped dead in the middle of galloping. This gentleman was flung over the horses head and landed on his own head on the ground and also came to a complete stop. He contacted me 24 hours later to see if I could do an emergency appointment. He said that he had severe pain in his head and neck and he wasn't sleeping and was taking a lot of pain relief. When he arrived at my clinic he was actually crocked and very slightly bent over, he couldn’t move his neck much. He was in agony. I very gently assisted him up onto the table and began the session.

I worked a lot on his cranium base and neck area with subtle adjustments throughout the rest of the body. His body displayed a lot of signs of releasing throughout the session. After about 15 minutes he actually was able to relax during the session. Once the session was over he slowly got up off the table. To his delight and my relief he was actually standing a lot straighter 90% of the pain has gone and he had regained 70% of the movement in his neck. What a result!

He reported to me that the improvement continued over the following days he returned for follow-up session and there was no lasting effects as a result of the horrendous fall.