Menopause relief!

Menopause relief!

It is the hot topic at the moment isn't it! So I wanted to share some results I've been having with EnerQi Facial Rejuvenation treatment!

This revolutionary new facial treatment in Ireland is being offered by myself.

I have experienced positive feedback from my clients a marked improvement in symptoms. In addition to this, after trials in the UK with peri menopausal and menopausal participants 8 out of 10 participants had marked improvements in their menopausal symptoms.

Feedback on symptoms was reported such as the following:

Restless legs seem to be improved

Don't seem to be overeating

No hot flushes

Bladder not leaking anymore when walking around

Hot sweats at night have stopped completely

Calmer and happier in my skin

On the whole I've felt calmer and happier in my skin (even made love to my husband after months of not feeling like it and was as wonderful as ever)!

On the whole, I'm really feeling quite a lot better!

It's odd, but I haven't had any hot flushes, and I got to the end of the day yesterday and just realised I hadn't had any, and so far it's the same again today. Felt tired day after treatment but full of energy today, been on two very long dog walks. Skin feels good and clear.

Hot sweats at night have stopped completely and only had one or two hot flushes through the day. Have felt a bit up and down with my mood but stressful at work. Generally feel I have more energy. Seem to be able to keep going longer in the evenings.

Definitely experienced fewer hot flushes since the treatment. Tiredness may be down to a busy week and a few nights out.

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