McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release®

A recent client of mine attained fantastic relief from restricted breathing caused by a scar. You might ask the question; Can a scar cause restricted breathing? Let me tell you what happened…..

My clients are gentleman in his 70s had a severe medical procedure approximately 50 years ago. They discovered a tumour running the full length of the spine and around under his left lung. The tumour was quite invasive and it took a lot of surgery to remove it completely. He came to see me regarding something else completely unrelated until he mentioned a restriction in his breathing that he's had for years and the operation on his back.

I requested to see the scar and it ran from the top of his C2 at the base of his neck all the way down through his shoulders and curved around following the line of the bottom of the lung. The top half of the scar was white raised and bumpy. Bottom half of the scar was really wide, red, angry looking and irregular.

He had never seen it so I took some photographs so he could have a look and he was quite shocked at its appearance. He said to me when he was sitting outside waiting for the appointment that he was really concerned about the re-occurring restriction in his neck in movement and I thought oh my goodness how am I going to lie down with my neck is so sore today. I began working on the scar and I noted that the tissue around the neck area was incredibly tight once I had finished the top half of the scar I asked him to check his movement with his neck he discovered he had completely move his neck freely and he did not have the pain that he has approximately 15 minutes beforehand while waiting for the appointment.

So I carried on and worked on the bottom half of the scar. Before my eyes it began to change colour, it softened and the blood and lymph fluid drained and refreshed and it became a whiter more normal skin colour.

I took ‘after’ photographs and showed him the difference. He was so moved by the improvements he got quite emotional. His mobility improved, he sat up straighter and he was able to take deep breath on instruction. He informed me that he could always feel the scar there because the area was tight. That has improved!

It never ceases to amaze me the positive changes that occur when scar tissue is being released.

He reported back to me that an intermittent pain that he used to get in the scar area has not recurred and he has noticed that he is not aware of it anymore. He's over the moon.