Business Success Coaching €1,500 +vat

Sessions 180 mins / Day rate available; please contact for details/booking: You are a successful leader. You have achieved success and abundance in your life, your business and your finances. Fantastic!

But, do you feel like there is something missing?

What if I said to you that you are only living a small percentage of your potential!

Work with me and commit to improving that to 100% of your full potential! 

What if you were able to completely breakthrough those limiting beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours that are holding you back!

Your business is ready to go to the next level. Imagine being able to ‘get out of your own way’ and really go for it!

I commit to carry out an intuitive audit of both you and your company, delivering an insight as to where you are at in the present moment.
Working together we will diagnose where the free flow of energy is blocked, ultimately stopping you and your business from achieving the next level. Once we have that information we can then discern what changes you can choose to make.
What is behind your vision! How is your relationship with money! 

Your relationship with money is indicative of the state of your life force. Money is relative to self love, self worth, self deserving and life force. It is imperative to look deeply into the field, on all levels, both personally and ancestrally to see where the flow is disrupted.

Where is your joy and what is your WHY. Our ‘why’ is the motivation for doing it!

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I met Cynthia in a European Programme for Female Entrepreneurs and spent a whole month getting to know her both as a professional and as a person. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to her for the healing session she performed to me. For almost six months I was feeling drained of energy and I couldn't understand why. I had no pathological illness and I followed a vegetarian diet but yet sometimes I could not even perform everyday tasks let alone run efficiently by business. Following our healing session, I was totally revitalised and my energy came back to its normal levels. In addition to that, Cynthia helped me realize the areas I had to work on my personality to protect myself and my body from this ever happened again. Her services are invaluable and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone (private or organization) that needs to improve performance, efficiency, mental and physical wellbeing.
Helena Stamou, Co-Founder

My Gentle Release therapy session with Cynthia came at a critical time in my life and on my spiritual and healing journey. Her energetic presence was felt throughout the session like a nurturing comforter and I felt wrapped in a safe healing cocoon. Her voice was so soothing and felt as if it were coming from within me. The movement and shifts of energy felt during the session were subtle yet palpable and I continued to feel these shifts of energy for days afterwards. The clarity in which the healing came through as felt within some organs and endocrine system for me left me feeling very present in my own body but at the same time I sensed a shift outside of my physical body into the etheric space around me. When I reintegrated, I could feel how much energy was moved by feeling the weight of my body once the session completed. There was a lot of restructuring that had occurred and was much more harmonious than prior to our session. The healing effects of this session will last for some time as integration and reorganization of my energy matrix continues. Cynthia is an incredibly gifted and talented healer and her great compassion and kindness permeate her work. She is absolutely delightful to work with and I feel so blessed to have done my session with her.     - Tina K., Texas, USA

I feel it was fated that I met Cynthia. Cynthia is genuinely kind and understanding. She has helped me work through so much and I am so grateful we met. She has helped me deal with my past and now I am keen for the future! Her healings are profound and truly amazing! Cynthia you are a true angel and such a gifted healer! Cynthia's healing continues to unfold even after your session and you are left amazed by how much you've grown! Her beautiful energy and uplifting positivity could heal the whole world! Thank you so much! Blessings and hugs! Niamh

Cynthia has an amazing presence. Each session is deeply intuitive and authentic and the healing reaches very deep levels of the psyche. Be prepared for wondrous release of old patterns and experience the continuing improvements over the weeks that follow. Truly life altering if you are ready to look inside and make changes in your life. Sheila

Recently  I  had  three treatments  with  Cynthia  in  peaceful,  warm  and  comfortable  surroundings. At  all  times  Cynthia   was  professional  and  calm  which  immediately  put  me  at  ease  so  I  could  relax  and  trust  her. This  made  it  easier  for  me  to  quickly  access  a  meditative  state and  get  in  touch  with  my  inner  self  while  she  quietly  worked  with  me. I  don’t  know  exactly  what  she  did  but  afterwards  I  felt  energised  in  a  very  relaxed  way  and  this feeling  stayed  with  me   and  my  stress  levels remained  reduced for  several  days. I  look  forward  to my  next  session.  Ria Collins

I first met Cynthia after the sudden and unexpected loss of my son. I would now believe this to be more than a chance meeting as I, having been seated beside her without knowing her name or occupation, described in fondness the times my son and I had together. I later reflected on this as I would not normally share these memories with someone I didn’t know. I believe that she just had a presence and aura about her that just dissolved my inhibitions. I met Cynthia shortly thereafter and she remarked that she may be able to assist both my wife and I during these terrible, bleak times for us. The sessions I had and still attend nearly four years later have been of immense benefit to me personally. I honestly don’t know how I could have coped following the devastating blow of losing a loved one and close friend without Cynthia’s help. Emptiness, detachment and despair were gradually replaced by hope, gratitude and an inner peace that has given me a new perspective and direction in life. Cynthia has enabled me to function as a human being again while on this earth and has presented a great hope for the future. For that I will always be grateful. Many thanks Cynthia, you are special! Harry

To whom it concerns, Cynthia had been treating horses for me for a good while, I have got some great results from her treatments, I would highly recommend her. John Neilan